Who are the Babes?

Butcher - Kriss-Abigail

El Salvadoran Immigrant. Chicago Native. Adopted Texan. Kriss-Abigail (two first names) has spent the last 5 years learning the art of whole animal butchery (specifically Wild Game) at an old school meat locker in the Texas Hill Country. While honing her knife skills, she fell in love with the process of turning death into food. Driven by a passion to share her knowledge, she can’t wait to bring a little something wild to the big city.

Chef - Jacquelyn Prater Lord (The Dinner Belle)

The talented Chef behind The Dinner Belle (events, classes, personal chef) Jacquelyn, has been cracking eggs since she was 4 years old.

A believer in food is love and everyone deserves a good meal, Jacquelyn exemplifies this by merging education and the culinary world. She especially enjoys working with children and teaching them where their food comes. This philosophy is evident with her use of local resources in her menu and with her work in community outreach.

Beverage Director - Stella Miller (Stella Makes Drinks)
Low-concept menus from a whimsical mind born from chemistry and culinary roots. The use of molecular gastronomy techniques sets Stella’s work apart.
She strives to honor the ingredients, while breathing new life into classically styled cocktails. This philosophy follows her into her Sommelier work which aims to empower all folks to know their wine and understand how it can enhance their food. With her pours, Stella invites you to appreciate the artistry that goes into a cocktail or a delicious glass of wine.

Director of Operations: Caroline Shaul

Growing up around a dinner table that was a setting for support and nourishment, made Caroline fall in love with food. Her mother’s strong culinary influence,along with a curiosity about our relationships with our food and each other set her on a mission.

A passion to extend the table and give folks the space to express and connect over the one thing we all have in common. The need for sustenance.

Caroline’s tenet of food not only as nourishment but as an experience and an expression, is one that makes her vital to our message. Cooking with fire was how our species started gaining the brain mass to make tools, form more complex communities, create art and express ourselves. Caroline seeks to explore those ideas and more through creating unique dining experiences. Ones that will celebrate and edify our human experience.